“Quality even if no one’s watching”

The Bailey Hotel By Crystalbrook

The latest major project undertaken by GND once again had demanding requirements to apply a water based metallic gold finish to the soffits of the 2 towers some 15 stories up in the air, was a real challenge to ensure a consistence finish while dealing with high temperatures and varying winds. This same finish then needed to be adapted to use a different application method to apply to the underside of the entry canopy and steel columns.

Sea Temple Resort

This project was the 2nd of the Juniper resorts undertaken by GND, the 1st being Sea Temple Resort Palm Cove. The Port Douglas Sea Temple Resort remains to date as the single largest project undertaken with the value of works being well over 2 million dollars. The demanding requirements for the level of finish require saw GND build a relocatable paint spray booth to finish all the doors, and internal trims with a custom produced 2 part polyurethane paint finish which now over 10 years later remains in good condition.

The Pullman Hotel

This was one of the earlier major projects in the Cairns area in 1998-90 to be built by who at the time was probably the largest Cairns based construction company Solander Industries. GND completed this project over 18 months which included over $250,000 of wallcovering materials alone and at its peak employed over 50 tradespersons. While the Construction company has not survived GND continues.

Cairns Hospital

The building of the new Block D was managed by tier 1 construction company Lend Lease and this was a high demand project in relation to quality control and resource management to meet the project program. GND successfully completed this project and the subsequent refurbishment of blocks A, B and C. GND has since completed other works for Lend Lease in Cairns further confirming our ability to get the job done on time and to the exacting standards on national project.

Cairns Performing Art Centre

Most likely one of the most noticeable public facilities in Cairns, the various painting systems/finishes specified were carried out, from working at heights in the foyer painting perforated plasterboard ceiling, where the inner part of the perforation needed to remain white while the face was painted dark green-grey and in the main auditorium painting of gantry over the raking seating area below, to application of specialist matt white finish to internal and external concrete elements to withstand the harsh conditions in our climate.