Having full time experienced renderers employed it enable GND to carry out “applied finishes” render without the need to engage separate contractors which enables GND to provide better quality control and management of the works undertaken.

Due to the typical construction method of concrete and block, the render system provides not only the visual finish to homes and buildings but also the applied finish needs to be able to stand the test of time as should it fail (and the painting applied to it) then water ingress is a very real problem.


GND have been performing body corporate repainting works for over 25 years and are now regularly repainting the same apartment buildings up to 17 years after previously doing so. This is a testament to the longevity of our work quality and the materials quality standard to achieve this length of time between painting processes.

While GND offers its services, we are mindful of the need to be economical while still ensuring the best value for money which may not necessarily be the “cheapest”


• Residential and commercial architectural painting systems

• Rendering systems (from cementitious through to acrylic systems)

• Specialised concrete floor coating systems comprising use of industrial floor grinding machinery and application of epoxy and polyurethane coating systems.

• Specialist finishes (metallic coatings, venetian plaster, texture coatings, liming and staining processes and application of wallcovering products).

• Specialised access equipment enabling height reach of 12 meters from an area as narrow as 2 meters wide.